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Sleep Apnea / Snoring  

Snoring and Sleep Apnea are caused by a constricted airway in your throat during sleep. One of the reasons this happens is because your tongue collapses back into your throat. Sleep Apnea is a serious disorder where your body gets an insufficient amount of oxygen at night compromising the reparative and restorative value of sleep. Snoring is often a symptom of Sleep Apnea but doesn’t necessarily mean that you have Sleep Apnea. The most typical symptom of Sleep Apnea is an excessive degree of tiredness in the afternoon and/or a compromised ability to concentrate at this time as well. A diagnosis needs to be made at a Sleep Lab assessing your degree of compromise.

The classic treatment for Sleep Apnea is the use of a C-PAP machine (Constant Positive Air Pressure) which requires being tethered to an oxygen tank every night. Because this is often uncomfortable and inconvenient, the patient compliance rate is often low with C-PAP machines.

The 2nd most common treatment which helps both simple snoring and Sleep Apnea is the use of a removable dental appliance that is worn at night. This appliance repositions your lower jaw and tongue to be more forward and opens up your airway allowing proper oxygenation during sleep. Dr. Krochak has taken Sleep Medicine courses and has been successfully making these appliances for over ten years.