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Dr. Krochak has been taking care of my smile for 15 years. About eight years ago, I moved 100 miles away from New York City, and while it might have been practical to find a local dentist, that was never an option. I wouldn't dream of placing the care of my teeth in anyone else's hands. Dr. Krochak has the perfect combination of skill and artistry. He is intelligent and passionate about staying on the leading edge of his profession. He employs every new technique that can benefit his patients. I enjoy smiling as wide and often as I want, because I am 100% comfortable with how good my smile looks—better than it has ever looked before. Dr. Krochak is also a great guy, which is not a requirement to be a good dentist, but it makes dental visits all the more pleasant.                        

-Carol Kemp

I always used to put off dental procedures until things got desperate. Since becoming Dr. Krochak's patient, I have become proactive in making appointments. The comforting environment, painless injections and virtual reality videos make it almost fun.

-RuthAnne D.

Before I was referred to Dr. Michael Krochak, I had never had a dentist who exuded such professionalism and knowledge. He worked with me to build a strong, healthy and natural-looking smile—one that I am proud of. My new smile has increased my confidence, and now, I find myself smiling more than ever. Since moving from New York to Los Angeles, people and dentists continue to be impressed by his work and for that I will always be grateful.

-Ron Gloff

Best dentist hands down!  Dr. Perlman is so professional, funny, down to earth and such a perfectionist!  He really takes the time to ensure that everything is perfect with your dental procedures, from a simple cleaning, to a smile make-over which I'm getting. He never rushes you and takes the time to answer your questions. I keep referring friends over to him because I can't recommend him enough, he makes going to the dentist fun!

-Karina Jacobs

For someone like me who had less than perfect teeth, Dr. Krochak is a gift. I had had cosmetic dentistry many times before I became his patient, and I still wasn't satisfied with my smile. Dr. Krochak was able to correct and improve on all the earlier work to give me the smile I always wanted.

-Leah Laiman

I've had a lifetime of dental care but at last I have found the ultimate dentist, someone who I know can provide me with stable dental health and a much improved smile. I worry about everything, but I immediate become relaxed when I sense that someone knows what they are doing and that's the way I feel with Dr. Krochak. From the minute I walk into Dr. Krochak's office I know his administrative staff, clinical staff, and especially Dr. Krochak, himself, are interested in my well-being and focused on my care. Moreover, I have complete confidence that they will make me comfortable and give me an optimum, sustainable smile.

-Richard Falk

Before Dr. Krochak redid my teeth, I didn't realize how little I smiled and how often I kept my mouth closed when I did. Now, I can smile freely and openly, and people often comment on how great my teeth look. Thanks, Dr. Krochak!

-DanaWyn Sherman

I have nothing but good things to say about Dr. Perlman and his staff. After neglecting to go to the dentist for more years than I would care to admit, I finally bit the bullet. I found Dr. Perlman through my dental insurance website, and I am so glad I did. 

The care I get from his team is top notch. Dr. Perlman took the time to explain to me all of the work that was required and to help me develop a treatment plan that fit into my schedule and maximized my insurance coverage. 
If you are looking for a new dentist, I would highly recommend Dr. Perlman and his team. You won't regret it

-Brad S.

Hands down the best dental visit I've had in my life. The office staff is friendly and professional. Both the receptionist and the doctor called me the day before to address any concerns I had, which I thought was a very nice and personal touch. Dr. Perlman's bedside manner is impeccable. He is professional and friendly and he made me feel like a human being--not just a patient

-David F.