I've Lost a Filling, Is This Urgent?

Why Fillings Are Important

Fillings serve an important function in oral health by restoring tooth structure lost to the decay process. With the materials we use today, dental fillings usually last for many years, but they are subjected to the same stresses as your natural teeth are. Fillings don’t strengthen the tooth, they simply replace lost structure.

Don't Panic if You Lose a Filling

You can wear down, chip, crack, or break your fillings by eating, clenching, and grinding, and sometimes they can fall out completely. While you may not notice normal wear and tear, you should not ignore any fillings that loosen or fall out.  A lost or cracked filling is usually not an emergency unless you are in pain or food is trapping and causing your gums to bleed. In that case, contact our office immediately so we can schedule an emergency appointment. Otherwise we will schedule a regular appointment to evaluate your situation.

Contact Your Dentist

Once you come to our office, we will examine your tooth and advise you of your options. We may be able to replace the filling. If the filling was large, a porcelain inlay or crown may be necessary to properly strengthen the tooth instead of just “filling” it which doesn’t strengthen it much.

A lost or cracked filling may not always pose a dental emergency, but it’s always important to contact us so our team can help you take the proper action to preserve your oral health.

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