Is Invisalign As Effective As Regular Braces?

For 95% of Cases - YES!

For 95% of the cases, yes it is!  There have been many scientific improvements in Invisalign treatment since it’s inception in 2000. We were one of the first certified Invisalign offices in the country since the year 2000.  There are so many advantages to this technology. Straightening your teeth has so many health benefits in addition to the cosmetic benefits. Better aligned teeth are easier to keep cleaner, the bone around your teeth stay better maintained when the spacing is appropriate and the teeth are crushed against each other. The biting forces are better absorbed by the teeth in the position they were intended to function in which causes less gum recession as we get older. And who doesn’t want a beautiful straight smile anyway?

The Invisalign Advantage

The obvious first one is the aesthetic advantages of wearing clear removable trays to move your teeth as opposed to fixed metal braces.

Secondly, you will have a much easier time keeping your teeth clean and have less danger of decay caused by food entrapment during orthodontic therapy.  Since they are removable and your teeth are not connected, you can floss normally, which is impossible with braces on. Your gums and breath will appreciate that!

Thirdly, conventional orthodontics depends on forces placed by tightening the wires which loosen over time, so you need to go through tightening and loosening cycles.  The Invisalign trays place a more moderate, controllable and consistent force throughout treatment. This often results in treatment times that take 40-50% LESS time than conventional braces.

It all is a WIN, WIN, WIN combination of advantages that especially make it attractive for adult patients, whom often had treatment during their youth but never wore their retainers so they got a relapse of their original orthodontic situation. So as an adult, be prepared for the responsibility of wearing retainers at night for as long as you want your teeth to remain straight!

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