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Painless Injections / Dental Wand

Achieving painless treatment requires a high level of understanding of how nerve anatomy varies from person to person and even within each person's mouth. Drs. Krochak and Perlman is not only sensitive to each patient's anatomy and tolerance for pain, but he carefully assesses just how much local anesthetic is required for a painless procedure.       

Key to a good dental experience is effective, nontraumatic injection of local anesthetic. Dr. Krochak helped develop a revolutionary painless injection device that eliminates the need for hypodermic syringes, which in themselves can cause nervousness and fear. This computer-controlled local anesthesia injection system can provide a nearly painless injection.

The syringe is not what causes the main discomfort when local anesthetic is injected; it is the pressure and volume of the fluid going into the tissues. The microprocessor inside this painless injection device automatically compensates for different tissue densities so the anesthetic is delivered at a constant pressure and optimal flow that are typically below the threshold of pain. The result: no more dental syringes and no more pain!