Conquering Dental Fear

How We Treat Fear

The Dental Phobia Treatment Center of New York uses systematic desensitization, a controlled form of exposure therapy that gradually breaks down the pervasive fears associated with dental procedures. We have determined that gradual exposure to the dental process in a welcoming, relaxing environment is the best way to defuse your fears and anxieties.

Dr. Krochak has specialized in the treatment of dental phobia for more than 30 years and has lectured and published extensively. He has also been interviewed by the media on the subject. He founded The Dental Phobia Treatment Center of New York because he recognized that addressing the patient as a whole person is key when dealing with dental phobia.

Our Treatment for Conquering Fear

Explanation and clarification of any and all procedures

If you have a question about a particular procedure, we will answer it. In fact, we encourage you to ask questions and empower yourself with knowledge to alleviate fear of the unknown

A calm, comfortable, friendly environment

We do everything to ensure that you are greeted by a smiling, friendly staff in a quiet, orderly environment. With aromatherapy and an array of amenities from iPods and virtual reality eyewear to warm neck pillows, we make sure you are at ease.

Assurance of minimal or no pain

You won’t have to worry about feeling pain or discomfort. We make sure that you are properly anesthetized for the procedure we are performing, and we use a technologically advanced painless injection device that eliminates the need for a syringe.

Relaxation techniques

A relaxed body promotes a clear and relaxed mind. The dental environment itself can often induce phobias. Our office is designed to calm you, but we also have specific well-established techniques to help you relax during your visit.

Deep Breathing

Nothing eases and relaxes your body like a good deep breath. We teach you diaphragmatic breathing that allows you to deepen and expand your breathing.

Our Philosophy

Our goal is to provide the finest, most up-to-date dental treatment available while considering your comfort, time, privacy, and financial concerns.

Our office is a state-of-the-art facility with only the finest equipment and sterilization methods, and our highly trained staff is dedicated to ensuring your comfort as well as meeting your dental and preventive hygiene needs.

Administrative services such as appointments, payment arrangements, and insurance processing are handled expeditiously by our highly experienced administrative staff.
In addition, we provide amenities to make your visit as relaxing and enjoyable as possible.

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