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Our goal is always to preserve a patient’s natural teeth whenever possible. However, a tooth that has become damaged beyond repair due to decay or injury may need to be extracted. While this is not an ideal situation, it may be the best option based on the extent of the damage, and from there, the patient can explore tooth replacement options to restore function and aesthetics.

In other cases, wisdom teeth can become impacted or erupt in such a way as to crowd the other teeth. When this happens, it can change a person’s bite, cause teeth to become misaligned, or even lead to TMD and other painful issues. More often than not, the dentist will recommend that some or all of a patient’s wisdom teeth be extracted to prevent or correct such issues.

Your in-house oral surgery specialists

An extraction is actually considered oral surgery and is most often performed by a periodontist who specializes in such procedures. However, unlike many dentists, Drs. Krochak and Perlman can perform extractions and other oral surgery procedures in house rather than referring patients to specialists, allowing the doctors to better control the results. This in turn makes it easier for them to offer more cohesive and consistent treatment plans to patients.

Dr. Krochak and Dr. Perlman provide a wide range of services because they seek to give their patients optimal, comprehensive care. This also enables patients to have oral surgery in the same relaxed, supportive environment that they enjoy on a regular basis. The doctors know each of their patients well and can help them as necessary with their fears and concerns, which an outside specialist may not be able to do.

Our goal is to make our patients as comfortable as possible so that they feel well cared for at every step in their oral health journey.

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