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When you have missing teeth, choose NYC Smile Spa for a comprehensive range of replacement solutions, including crowns and bridges. Our highly trained dentists are experts in tooth replacement and can help you understand and choose the option that suits your lifestyle as well as your budget. If you have a missing, cracked or damaged tooth or are missing two or more teeth, contact us today for an examination and one-on-one consultation with one of our expert doctors.

Dental Crowns

Natural-looking tooth replacement

Sometimes a tooth becomes damaged to the point where it is no longer structurally sound, either due to decay or injury. A tooth that can no longer be used reliably to chew can pose a risk to a patient’s oral health. Fortunately, when teeth lose their structural integrity, we can repair and strengthen them with a porcelain crown.

Crowns are a very common restorative treatment that can whiten, reshape and realign existing teeth, giving you a bright, healthy smile once more. In short, a crown is a tooth-shaped cap that covers the tooth completely and, because of modern materials and techniques, has a very realistic appearance. A crown is one of the best ways to restore the natural structure of a badly damaged tooth so that you can continue to enjoy your favorite foods and maintain optimal oral health.

Fixed Bridges

Fix unsightly gaps with seamless results

Missing two or more teeth can be problematic, not only because of the unattractive gap left behind where the teeth once were, but also because missing teeth can dramatically impact your ability to chew, speak, and maintain your oral health. When there is a gap in your smile, the surrounding teeth tend to shift over time in order to fill that space, which can cause additional problems—such as loose teeth that may also eventually fall out—and can really affect your bite.

When patients have more than one missing tooth, we achieve excellent outcomes with fixed bridges. A fixed bridge is a custom-made appliance that looks like natural teeth. The dentist cements it into place using the existing teeth on either side of the gap as support. Not only will the bridge complete your smile, but it will also stabilize the jaw so that remaining teeth don’t shift out of position. The overall results are natural feeling and looking—flawless.

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