your emotional state and your oral health

Does Your Emotional State Affect Your Oral Health?

You may be surprised to learn that your emotions and how you feel can affect the state of your oral health. If you are not feeling your best and have the blues, you may not feel like cleaning your teeth properly, eating the right foods, or even visiting medical professionals for regular appointments, such as oral hygiene examination appointments in our office. Over time, this behavior can lead to serious problems with your teeth and gums, such as dental decay and gum disease.

why we recommend professional teeth cleanings

Has It Been A While Since We’ve Seen You?

We are passionate about our patients visiting our office for routine oral hygiene examinations. Do you remember the last time you visited our office for an examination and cleaning? If it has been some time since your last visit, you may be due for an appointment. Since we are still so fresh into the new year, it is the perfect time for a visit. No matter how well you clean your teeth on your own throughout the year, routine dental exams are a must. Read on to learn about the importance of a professional teeth cleaning and examination.

bleeding gums

What Is Causing Your Gums To Bleed?

Do you often notice that the water when you rinse your mouth after brushing your teeth is pink or red? If so, you may be experiencing bleeding gums. Bleeding gums can happen to anyone and doesn’t always indicate a problem with your oral health. It can happen because of something as simple as food being trapped between the teeth. If you experience bleeding gums frequently, it may be an indication that there is a problem with your oral health. Some possible causes of bleeding gums include:

warning signs

Don’t Ignore These 4 Warning Signs

We are passionate about our patients having healthy teeth and mouths. You only have one set of teeth to last your lifetime, and not caring for your teeth and mouth properly can lead to serious issues with discomfort as well as the need for dental intervention. Thankfully, your teeth and mouth offer warning signs to indicate a problem may have developed. Read on to learn more about the warning signs you should be looking for between your oral hygiene appointments.

ways medication can affect your oral health

Two Ways Medication Can Affect Your Oral Health

When we think about what can lead to a problem with our oral health, we often first think about foods or habits or things like poor oral hygiene and delaying routine dental care. However, there is something else that may be helpful to your overall health but can cause a problem with your oral health — medication. While a doctor may prescribe medication to treat and prevent illness, to the benefit of your overall health, many medications can lead to serious complications with your oral health.

overcome your fear

We Can Help You Overcome Your Dental Fear And Anxiety

At NYC Smile Spa, we specialize in treating patients who have dental fear and anxiety. There are many people who have a fear of the dentist and receiving dental treatments. Unfortunately, postponing routine dental care and necessary treatments can lead to more complex dental problems and the need for additional treatments. This is not ideal for someone who suffers from dental anxiety. It can become a vicious cycle. Unlike other practices, we help patients overcome their fear and anxiety without sedation dentistry. Patients who use sedation dentistry will still have their same fears and will have to be sedated again the next time they need treatment.

bad breath

What Is That Smell? Is Your Breath Telling You Something?

Are you self-conscious when you speak to others because you are concerned about the smell of your breath? It is not uncommon to experience bad breath from time to time, especially after drinking a cup of coffee or eating certain foods. The problem is quickly remedied after you brush your teeth thoroughly. If you experience frequent bad breath, it may be an indication that there is a problem with your oral health.

Stress And Oral Health

Are you looking for a dental practice that provides the most up-to-date dental treatment while considering what’s best for your oral health? Do you look for a dentist who truly listens to concerns and does what they can to ease the fears of a nervous patient? At NYC Smile Spa, located in beautiful New York, NY we pride ourselves on being totally committed to our patients while providing first-class care. We believe in providing the finest, most modern dental treatment available while considering your comfort, oral health needs, and financial concerns.

importance of oral health

Your Oral Health Is Too Important To Put Off!

We know this time of year can be busy and difficult, especially if you have vacations planned or have another residence during the summer months. Did we recommend a preventative or restorative treatment during your last appointment and you have delayed scheduling your visit? It may also have slipped your mind to schedule your appointment once you left the office and returned to your daily life. No matter the reason, we encourage you to make your oral health a priority and schedule your treatment appointment today. Delaying and postponing a needed dental treatment can lead to serious oral health complications, the need for additional treatments, as well as added expenses. Read on to learn more.

root canal

What To Know About Root Canal Therapy

Are you experiencing frequent tooth discomfort that won’t go away? Or are you feeling frequent tooth sensitivity in one tooth in particular? If you answered yes to either question, you may be in need of a common dental treatment. At NYC Smile Spa, our goal is to save our patient’s natural teeth when possible and restore the function of their teeth. One way we do this when an infection has reached the tooth root is through root canal therapy. Unfortunately, largely due to television and movies, root canal therapy has gotten a bad reputation. We are here to tell you that this tooth saving treatment is nothing to fear.